Room Escape

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标签: 18岁以下禁 Anal sex Brunettes Cumshot Handjob Hentai Skill based Toys 任务类游戏 冒险游戏 日语 游戏 色情游戏 解迷类游戏 逻辑类游戏

说明: This game will really rape your mind. This time is not so easy to reach the sex scenes. You're in the room and must open few doors to satisfy some girl and fuck her. To start the game click on the button in the middle of the game, if it won't work, wait few seconds and try again (game is really big and authors don't know how to add loading bar :) ). Few instructions how to play this game: in few scenes you'll have to enter some passwords, here they are: 1. Box password is 2-6-8, 2. Box with buttons without numbers - You must press buttons to create a "P" letter in it, 3. Bathroom password is 2547, 4. drawer code is 13 30 40. All other game you should solve by yourself. Just look everywhere, all corners, under bed, under table - everywhere.

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